August 31, 2015
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica, Inc. Launches Corporate Venture Capital Initiatives

- Strategic Investments for Global Business Alliance and New Business Creation -

Macnica, Inc. (President and CEO, Kiyoshi Nakashima, with its corporate headquarters in Yokohama, Japan) announced the establishment of a venture capital initiative called Macnica Ventures. Macnica Ventures plans to seek strategic investments in ventures with unique business models and promising technologies. Macnica will collaborate and support these ventures to create new markets and businesses. Macnica’s office in San Jose, CA (Macnica Networks USA, Inc.) will search for investment opportunities and coordinate with its headquarters while the investment will be managed through its captive fund called Macnica Investment Partners.

Macnica Ventures’ investment areas range from ICT markets, where the technology and business model innovations are expected to accelerate, to emerging technologies, where Macnica could breed new business areas for the group’s long-term growth. We expect the strategic investments will aid in expanding our current business areas as well as enhancing our ability to create new businesses.

As a leading global distributor of advanced technology products ranging from semiconductors to network products and services, Macnica has acted as a significant partner to over 300 venture companies. As a distribution partner, our business model for growth is intimately tied to the growth of our partners or technology producers. In semiconductors, we have worked with many leading companies from their start-up phases in our mutual efforts to create and nurture new markets. In the IT network equipment and software areas, we have introduced innovative products in big data, cloud, and security to the Japanese markets and created new market needs through our “Demand Creation” drives.

Macnica’s investment activities started in 1996 through investments in venture capital funds. By the early 2000s, our investment activities included direct investments into start-ups to add a new dimension in supporting our partner companies beyond distribution. Macnica Ventures seeks to integrate our capabilities in the business of distribution and investments in providing a new framework to create new markets and businesses with innovative ventures.

While Macnica Ventures will have core operations in Silicon Valley, its geographic investment horizon is global. It is flexible in investment stages, ranging from early to late stages, depending on the development stages of our partner companies and the optimum stages for collaboration. Furthermore, Macnica Ventures plans to deepen its relationships with the venture capital industry, including cooperation with venture capital firms, to search for new growth areas and innovation.

About Macnica, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1972, Macnica, Inc. has acted as a technology-based distributor as well as a solution provider of electronic components and IT network equipment and software. Along with a broad offering of electronic and network products, we provide value-added solutions through our expertise in leading edge technologies. Furthermore, our service and support are based on the latest market trends and customer needs information as well as application support and design services. Macnica, Inc. has headquarters in Yokohama, Japan with operations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Brazil, and Germany.


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