June 2, 2017
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks Corporation Announces Distribution Agreement with Cato Networks

Macnica Networks Corp., a leading supplier of network equipment and security solutions, headquartered in Shin-Yokohama, Japan, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Cato Networks LTD. Providers of an innovative Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform which allows companies to quickly and cost effectively configure networking and security needs in the cloud. Cato Networks is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Product name
  • Cato Secure Network
  • Cato Secure Web
  • Cato Cloud Network

*Brand name of services: Cato

Distribution form Cloud-based service
Date of distribution start June 2, 2017

With the rapid growth of enterprise cloud services, popularization of mobile devices, acceptance of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to the workplace, and the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), corporate networks have become much more complex, less secure and vulnerable to unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. It has been difficult to support complicated networks by using the conventional WAN services used for several decades. Also, the appliances used for networking and security were suited to past simple networks and is becoming more difficult to manage, optimize and ensure security in the present-day complicated networks. There are other problems including expensive security appliance maintenance, increased WANline cost, and a lack of IT managers with expertise. As a result, networks and security measures are required to be quickly extendable and applicable to meet changing business requirements and resist threats.

Cato Networks and Macnica Networks, intend to work together, as partners, to analyze, configure and offer a simple, affordable enterprise-grade secure network to companies doing business in the cloud.
Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform, "Cato", provides a variety of cloud-based network and security features to enable reduction of WAN-optimized appliances and security appliances such as UTM and NGFW (Next Generation Firewall). In addition, since security policies can be unified between a cloud data center and a physical data center, a secure environment is implemented with a simplified operation. Ordinary everyday internet access, and internet access from mobile devices is available with safe and low latency regardless of the user's location.
Cato can eliminate high-cost appliance installation, complicated network management, communication capacity limits, and security and sizing of outdated software.

Macnica Networks will provide Cato Networks' Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform available for mission-critical and global environments to support critical issues involved in existing networks and security of enterprises.

Cato use cases

1Appliance reduction

IssueArranging appliances for each operating site increases cost and complicates operation.

SolutionCato reduces appliances to simplify operation.

  • Reduced WAN-optimized appliances, UTM and NGFW (Next Generation Firewall)
  • Simplified operation by use of centralized Web GUI
  • Reduced VPN connection settings of PTOP by full-mesh configuration in the cloud

2Direct Internet access

IssueIncreasing Internet traffic causes the backhaul (MPLS) to overload.

SolutionCato enables safe Internet access from all operating sites.

  • Offloading of Internet communications from MPLS networks
  • Cloud-based security features eliminate necessity of deploying UTM and NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) in each operating site.

3Low-latency WAN

IssueInternet communication delay between Head Office/Data Center and overseas operating sites

SolutionCato enables high-speed communication under SLA*.

  • Low latency equivalent to MPLS is implemented in long-distance communication
  • Optimized communication in the middle mile and last mile

4Security policy unification

IssueSecurity policies cannot be unified between the cloud data center and the physical data center.

SolutionCato unifies security policies of all data centers.

  • Safe connection between the cloud data center and the physical data center
  • Unified security policy is applied to all operating sites

5Mobile user protection and high-speed VPN access

IssueInternet connections of mobile users are not safely protected and VPN access is slow.

SolutionCato implements safe and low-latency VPN access regardless of user's location.

  • Constant protection of Internet access from mobile devices
  • Automatic connection to the nearest PoP (Point of Presence) all over the world
  • Connection to in-house resources via backbone under SLA*

*Cato Networks' Terms of Use (English):

Company Profile of Cato Networks

Cato Networks is revolutionizing networking and security by rebuilding new network perimeter in the cloud.The innovative Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform developed by Cato Networks simplifies distributed-type, cloud-oriented type, and mobile-advanced type networks and security of enterprises. Cato Networks based in Tel Aviv, Israel, was founded in 2015 by Shlomo Kramer, a cybersecurity award winner who co-founded Check Point Software Technologies and Imperva, and Gur Shatz, a co-founder of Incapsula.

Company name CATO Networks LTD
Foundation 2015
Head Office Tel Aviv, Israel
Representative Mr. Shlomo Kramer

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