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March 8, 2016
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks Concludes a Distributorship Agreement with US Viptela Inc., which Provides a Secure, Next-generation SD-WAN Platform.

- Realization of Simple Management of WAN by Centralized Management/Zero-touch Deployment at Multi-site Enterprises. -

Macnica Networks Corp., which provides network devices and security solutions (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Masahiro Miyabukuro; hereinafter "Macnica Networks") and Viptela, Inc., which provides secure SD-WAN devices and platforms linked by IPsec tunnels, a full mesh of enterprise sites and data center clouds (headquarters: San Francisco, California USA; CEO: Amir Khan; hereinafter "Viptela") have concluded a Distributorship Agreement.

Product name Viptela Secure Extensible Network (hereinafter,"Viptela")
Date to Commence Distribution March 8, 2016

Along with a recent dramatic increase in domestic and overseas bases through business expansion, migration of traffic from data centers to the cloud and software as a service (SaaS), and an increase in rich-content usage such as video conferencing, IP phones, and virtual desktops, the operational load on enterprise WAN, line costs, band congestion, etc., have become issues. In recent years, attention has been focused on software-defined networking (SDN), a technology trend that simplifies the complex, flexibility-lacking networking, but there is great market need both in Japan and abroad for SD-WAN, which applies the concept of SDN to WAN between enterprise sites and provides a simple means for centralized control with software.

Viptela, which signed the agreement with Macnica Networks, has become known in the US as a leading vendor of innovative SD-WAN platforms with centralized control for multiple sites, putting forth the message of "secure extensible networking". With its products in actual use in the US by leading network service providers such as Verizon and Singtel and by major retailers listed in Fortune 500, Viptela has continued to attract more and more attention.

Viptela is able to simultaneously resolve the four major issues with connecting enterprise sites with WAN, i.e., (1) cost and expenses, (2) performance and quality, (3) agility and speed, and (4) security, and provide next-generation intersite WAN to its customers.

[Viptela’s unique approach to the four issues with WAN]

  • Costs and expenses
    • Reduction of construction costs with the zero touch provisioning function
    • Optimization of line costs through use of hybrid lines such as MPLS, Internet, and 4G/LTE
    • Reduction of operating costs by remote operation with centrally controlled graphical user interface (GUI) through the cloud
    • Reduction and integration of network appliances at the base side by service chaining function
  • Performance and quality
    • Realization of high bandwidth through hybrid/overlay of lines
    • Collateral of communication quality and quality of service (QoS) at the application level using DPI
    • Avoidance of line congestion by increased off-loading to public cloud and SaaS communication on the Internet
    • Scalability to achieve multi-site, large-scale meshing through routing that does not use IKE
  • Agility and speed
    • Sites can be opened automatically by zero-touch deployment when connected to the Internet
    • Remote settings changes to policies and configurations from the cloud which enables responses to sudden structural changes
    • Simple policy design that enables network design from a business perspective
  • Security
    • Separation and segmentation of logical networks according to the use or application, etc.
    • Realization of communication between secure sites by automatic full-mesh IPsec tunnel
    • Monitoring by GUI to visualize in real time the communication situation at the application level
    • Robust physical security by terminal authentication using certificates from built-in TPM chips

[Provision format of Viptela]

  • Three types of zero-touch hardware (selected according to IPsec throughput)
    • vEdge 1000 (1 Gbps)
    • vEdge 2000 (10 Gbps)
    • vEdge 100 (100 Mbps) *Planned for release this spring
  • Subscription license (purchased for each terminal)
    • Selection of 1-, 3-, or 5-year contract period
    • Selection of required bandwidth of 10 Mbps to 10Gbps
    • Selected of SOHO license or the fully featured professional license
    • * Includes the right to use the following three components provided as cloud services

    • vManage: Web GUI for enabling centralized control and operation
    • vSmart: Cloud controller to control communications as a brain of SD-WAN
    • vBond/ZTP: Authentication orchestrator for enabling zero-touch provisioning
  • DPI optional license
    • Additional license to take advantage of the deep packet inspection (DPI) functionality enabling QoS, traffic visualization, and routing controls at the L4-7 application level
    • Ability to identify the thousands of application types

Macnica Networks will become a strategic primary distributor for Viptela in Japan, and together with secondary sales agencies and network service providers will aggressively expand Viptela's presence in Japan. The main target market is expected to be companies such as leading service providers, manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, and distribution outlets that have multiple sites in Japan and abroad and are considering next generation WAN services.

Viptela's co-founder and CEO Amir Khan made the following comments regarding this agreement. "I believe our strategic partnership with a market leader we can trust like Macnica Networks is very important for accelerating our business in Japan. We look forward to expanding our business together to address the complex requirements of Macnica Networks' customers by combining our innovative SD-WAN solutions with the world's most advanced security portfolio held by Macnica Networks."

Combining the state-of-the-art SD-WAN solutions held by Viptela and its own most advanced security products, solutions, and services in the world, Macnica Networks together with its partners will work to promote value creation for its customers' ICT systems in Japan.

Further inquiries concerning this Product

Viptela Product Manager, Macnica Networks Corp.
TEL: 045-476-1980

Viptela Company Overview

Viptela was established in 2012 with the mission to simplify how enterprises interconnect their sites. Viptela’s SD-WAN technology, which is not limited to any provider for a global company, can be controlled by policy and provides the cost-benefits of WAN. Viptela terminals have already been deployed in more than 15 of the Fortune 500 companies, and major providers including Verizon and Singtel use Viptela to provide managed SD-WAN services. Viptela, which is currently funded by Sequoia Capital, has it headquarters office in San Francisco.

Company name Viptela, Inc.
Established 2012
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Representative Co-founder and CEO Amir Khan

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Corporate communications manager: Takemae
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