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March 12, 2020
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks enters into a distribution agreement with Vectra AI, provider of next-generation Network Detection and Response

- AI-based NDR solution for threats that have already penetrated the network perimeter -

Macnica Networks Corp. (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks"), a leading supplier of security solutions for cyber threats against Japanese organizations, is pleased to announce a distributorship agreement with Vectra AI (headquarters: San Jose, California, USA; CEO: Hitesh Sheth; hereinafter "Vectra").

Product name
Cognito platform
Product delivery format
On-premises/cloud, and annual subscription/license
Distribution start date
March 12, 2020

In recent years, numerous targeted and broadcast-type attacks are monitored. The situation is such that companies in general - not only large corporations and government agencies - need to take steps to protect themselves. It has become difficult to defend against attacks using conventional peripheral security and anti-virus products. Defenders need to devise security policies on the assumption that attackers will gain access. Network Detection and Response ("NDR") is a solution that continuously monitors network traffic in the environment and swiftly detects threats after they gain access. The use of NDR makes it possible to devise countermeasures for all situations based on the assumption that intrusions will occur.

Vectra AI products recognized as NDR solutions take a bird's eye view of the network - one that emphasizes the detection of threats that have gained access and making them visible.
By using NDR solutions, it becomes possible to detect and make visible IT resources (IoT devices, IP phones, printers, all devices in test and other environments connected to the network) that up to now have had insufficient security provisions because of platform problems. NDR solutions give customers the capability to detect IT resources and make them visible. It offers a simple but powerful way to implement this function.

Features of Vectra AI

  • Powerful detection using AI
    Items discovered and made visible with Vectra AI products are displayed as shown below in an easy-to-understand GUI, which indicates the alert that should receive attention first. In NDR solutions, quality, as well as detection and visibility, are required. Customers need immediate and precise announcements of hazardous alerts. Vectra AI meets this requirement through AI learning and global learning, allowing the products to sustain a high level of threat detection.

Features of Vectra AI GUI

  • Flexible subscription licensing
    The "X29" and "X80" platforms provided in this offering analyze the entire network. Subscription license types determine the basis of the anticipated usage type. Licenses can be selected from among the following, according to the objective.
  • Cognito Detect License: Detect unknown high-level attack
  • Cognito Recall License:Enable detailed analysis on cloud
  • Cognito Stream License: Use teamwork with SIEM
Features of Vectra AI GUI

By providing high-quality network visualization and detection functions from Vectra AI, Macnica Networks will help defend the IT systems of Japanese customers from the threat of cyber attacks.

Vectra AI Corporate Overview

Vectra AI solutions are tightly focused on Network Detection and Response (NDR). NDR deploys advanced technology to obtain a bird's eye view of the entire network and to make visible threats that may have penetrated the environment. According to the most current thinking on network security, attackers are successfully penetrating network environments. Rather than merely defending the perimeter, security providers need to deliver alerts and protection immediately upon the threat gaining access to the network. With Vectra AI’s ability to detect and make visible threats on the network, its solutions will play a vital role in the future.

The company was founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. The business has grown steadily, and the company now has offices in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Its office in Japan established in 2019.

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