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  • Macnica Networks Enters Into a Distributorship Agreement with VDOO, Specialists in IoT Device Security Solutions - Achieving multifaceted vulnerability assessment, including compliance to IoT security guidelines, through speedy automated analysis -

March 5, 2019
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks Enters Into a Distributorship Agreement with VDOO, Specialists in IoT Device Security Solutions

- Achieving multifaceted vulnerability assessment, including compliance to IoT security guidelines, through speedy automated analysis -

Macnica Networks Corp., which provides network devices and security solutions (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks") is pleased to announce its conclusion of a distributor agreement with VDOO Connected Trust Ltd. (“VDOO”; Headquarters: Israel; CEO: Netanel (Nati) Davidi).

In recent years, with IoT devices beginning to see broader use in a variety of areas, such as in households, medicine, automobiles, and factories, there have been frequent occurrences of device invasion through cyber attacks. There is an urgent need for IoT device security solutions, but owing to the limitations on hardware resources for IoT devices, such as CPUs, power supply capacity and memory capacity, and because manufacturers each have their independent protocols, it is hard to implement generic solutions. It is also not easy to find personnel with expert knowledge in IoT security.

The VDOO Vision solution, which Macnica Networks will now be providing, carries out automated analysis of firmware binaries based on rich analytical knowledge and visualizes IoT device security problems from a variety of perspectives. Using VDOO Vision enables the precise identification of necessary security requirements at the design phase of IoT devices within a short time, and reduces a load of device development, quality assurance, and security analysis by security services providers. This solution makes it possible to promptly carry out the strengthening and protection of IoT devices, even without an in-depth expert knowledge of IoT security.

Features of VDOO Vision

  • Speedy firmware analysis through automated analysis tools:
    By uploading firmware to a cloud, rapid analysis can be carried out even without expert knowledge in security. Not only analysis of each product, but also analysis inspections for each process of product development is possible.
  • Easy-to-understand analysis reports:
    This tool not only identifies known vulnerabilities to IoT security threats, but also analyzes published vulnerability information and discrepancies with the various security guidelines, and displays the risk levels according to their significance. It provides individual mitigation guides for items that are in particular need of mitigation. The issues are mitigated, and a re-diagnosis with Vision shows security problems resolved. It is also possible to obtain a VDOO certification: CertIoT (optional). VDOO Vision provides both physical and digital certification.
  • Handling of unknown vulnerabilities (zero-day attack):
    Another (optional) service available in Whistler, delivers prompt e-mail notifications on significant new problems or attacks discovered after analysis. For cases in which both mitigation and defense are severe, an agent that can protect devices based on Vision analysis results is also available (optional). Customers can select protection functions to generate a lightweight, customized VDOO ERA (Embedded Runtime Agent) that will not burden device resources (CPU, memory, storage)

Firmware analysis results:

Detected components, compliance with IoT security standards, and known vulnerabilities, etc. are presented in a graphical representation.

IoT security guideline compliance list and guidance:

The level of significance of each detected compliance requirement can be displayed, and detailed mitigation measures are verified.

With VDOO Vision as the base, Macnica Networks plans to start supplying automated IoT security diagnosis solutions in Japan from April 2019. Hereafter, Macnica intends also to provide the agent solution VDOO ERA, which enables multi-layer protection in a runtime environment without any high impact on the performance of IoT devices, and VDOO CertIoT for certification of appropriate security measures. Through VDOO’s solutions, Macnica will be able to provide appropriate solutions to vendors of IoT devices and IoT security diagnosis services, as well as help to improve the level of IoT security level in device development and quality assurance.

VDOO: Company Outline

Established in 2017, VDOO is a pioneer in embedded systems security that provides end-to-end solutions for security automation, certification, and protection. The VDOO founders’ backgrounds include an endpoint cybersecurity startup acquired by Palo Alto Networks.

Company name VDOO Connected Trust Ltd.
Established 2017
Location of headquarters Tel-Aviv, Israel
Representative Netanel (Nati) Davidi

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