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June 23, 2020
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks Commencing Sale of F5 Shape Security, Which Provides Protection/Defense Against Unauthorized Login and Internet Fraud

- Providing the latest security technology to meet the rapid digital reform -

Macnica Networks Corp. (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks"), which conducts a daily analysis of cyber threats against Japanese organizations and provides security solutions, is pleased to announce a distributorship agreement with F5 Networks, Inc. (headquarters: Washington, US; President, CEO & Director: François Locoh-Donou hereinafter "F5 Networks") for Shape Security.

News related to authentication information leaks is being reported almost daily, including cases of financial loss due to leaking or fraudulent use of customer information through password list attacks and evidence of account suspension or password resetting due to occurrences of unauthorized login. Until now, commonly used countermeasures included restrictions on IP addresses, request rates, and CAPTCHA, and WAF implementation. However, it has already become easy to break through CAPTCHA. The security measures thought to be effective thus far are now becoming ineffective against attacks that are growing more advanced every day.
Also, because of changes in business environments and lifestyles due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we see rapid advances in the digitization of social activities through joint efforts of the public and private sectors. For this reason, there is more accumulation of account ID information and accessory information assets in digital space than ever before. There is a demand for more robust security measures against cyberattacks targeting those assets. In particular, there has been a rapid rise in online theft through account hijacking, and there is an urgent need for countermeasures.

F5 Shape Security, now being offered by Macnica Networks, makes highly accurate judgments on whether access attempts are being made by a person or a bot, using a vast amount of collected data, including mouse operation, keystroke conditions, access environment, and terminal information. It includes a fully managed Security Operation Center (SOC) service, provides comprehensive and highly accurate operation and maintenance services, from the necessary environment construction for commencing services to monitoring, trouble response, and security measures.

Specifically, through F5 Shape Security, Macnica offers the following solutions for financial institutions such as retail, e-commerce, and online banking; administrators of reservation systems, etc.; information system department personnel performing website administration; travel and tourism, insurance, and mobile network operator industries; government agencies; and persons in charge of online gift cards or point systems.

  • Defense against complicated and advanced attacks that are unable to prevent such attacks with standard anti-bot services
  • Blocking of manual attempts at account takeover such credential stuffing
  • Defense against password list attacks and web scraping attacks
  • Security against fraud involving gift cards and point systems
  • Simplification of the security-enhancement process using custom JavaScript

By providing the F5 Shape Security, which incorporates the latest security solutions utilizing AI, Macnica Networks will help to achieve greater security of Japanese websites to support Japanese businesses in the secure operation of their websites.

Endorsement from Yuichi Gonda, representative executive officer and president of F5 Networks Japan

"In recent years, there have been many large-scale information leaks and fraud cases through unauthorized login involving even very prominent websites in Japan. In 2018, there was a sudden rise in online credit card skimming (attacks involving theft of payment information input by users) through unauthorized code injection to e-commerce sites, which became widely known when it was picked up by the news and other media. Furthermore, the number of confirmed cases of authentication information leaks in 2019 reached as many as 3.6 billion cases.* The causes behind such cases of unauthorized login and account theft are the automatic execution programs known as bots. These bot communications cannot be defended against using conventional static security technology. I am truly delighted that we are entering into a partnership agreement with Macnica Networks, a technology trading company that deals in the world’s most advanced technology solutions. Through their network, we will be able to provide customers throughout Japan with our company’s latest technology for protecting against such dangerous cybercrimes."

*Source: 4iQ Identity Breach Report 2019

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