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May 11, 2016
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks signs reseller agreement with RiskIQ, Inc., of the United States, a provider of online risk management and visualization platform

- Discovers and monitors risks outside the firewall to protect the corporate brand. First exhibited in the 13th Information Security Expo -

Macnica Networks Corp., which provides network devices and security solutions (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks"), is pleased to announce the signing of a reseller agreement with RiskIQ, Inc. (hereinafter "RiskIQ, Inc.", Headquarters: San Francisco, California, CEO: Elias (Lou) Manousos) of the United States.

Product name
(hereinafter, the products are collectively referred to as "RiskIQ")
Supply form SaaS (Software as a Service)
Supply start date May 11, 2016

With the expansion of customer-oriented Internet digital channels in recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in external threats and the way hackers target organizations by going after employees and customers across Internet channels including websites, mobile apps, and social media profiles. Hackers are increasingly using fake websites and mobile apps to conduct phishing attacks, distribute malware, and steal sensitive data. However, companies spend an enormous amount of time and effort to monitor and to manage each and every one of the endless number of online IT assets including manually searching for unknown websites and apps used to deceive IT assets and the company itself using websites, mobile apps and social media profiles.

RiskIQ, Inc. has entered its first reseller agreement in Japan with Macnica Networks. Macnica Networks has signed a reseller agreement with RiskIQ, a cybersecurity company that offers the only External Threat Management platform in the security industry. This platform is developed on proprietary technology that collects Internet data by extensively scanning the Internet and discovering all known, unknown and rogue digital assets related to any organization across web, mobile, and social digital channels.

RiskIQ then uses advanced machine data analysis algorithms to analyze the Internet data and detect digital threats. This proprietary technology is also used to provide tools that visualize and manage the risks of websites, unauthorized mobile apps, and social profiles from an attacker’ s point of view. RiskIQ, Inc. has extensive experience providing digital asset risk management and external threat management solutions across a wide range of industries in the United States and European Union, like financial services, technology, E-commerce, healthcare, B-to-C, and advertising. 7 of the world's top 10 banks use RiskIQ.

Macnica Networks will utilize RiskIQ, Inc.'s proprietary discovery, monitoring, investigation and response technology to identify online risks for companies and uncover unknown assets, focusing on large enterprise companies that place importance on protecting their brand from cyber criminal activity as well as those that engage in M&A/global deployment. Macnica Networks will provide optimal service delivery and support to monitor and protect the digital assets of companies from the various threats within websites, mobile apps, social media profiles, ads, and so on.

Current situation with attacks that spread over the Internet

Every day, cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated and along with a string of phishing attacks centered on the finance industry, there is a heightened risk of emerging fake websites, unauthorized mobile apps and fake social profiles. Also, because companies continuously add new web sites, mobile applications and social media profiles to stay dynamic and competitive, there is a strong possibility that IT assets managed by the company itself, such as websites and apps, may be targeted by attacks that exploit vulnerabilities across digital channels. Furthermore, the IT usage of companies that are the target of a merger or acquisition, or overseas subsidiaries cannot be controlled, and there is the possibility the public servers not under the control of the company could be used as a springboard for nasty cyber attacks. Because of this, online attacks are expanding causing damage to a company's brand, reputation, and trust, with the risk of the company suffering big losses. In order to best protect the brand and reputation of the company, IT management finds it necessary to focus discovery and detection on the Internet as a whole, from outside the firewall, as well as inside of the firewall, The world’s leading companies rely on RiskIQ to reduce digital risk and secure their Internet facing digital assets as they expand their presence to include web, mobile and social channels.

Threats outside of the firewall

Features of the solution provided by RiskIQ, Inc.

RiskIQ, Inc. performs discovery, inventory, monitoring, and execution on a continuous basis, enabling visualization of websites, unauthorized apps and ads from the point of view of an attacker.

Features of the solution provided by RiskIQ, Inc.

1. Discovery: Uncover and visualize unknown IT assets relating to a company

2. Inventory: Generate a dynamic index (digital footprint) based on the visualized information, and provide asset inventory

3. Monitoring: Extensively scan the Internet and monitor what when risks arise

4. Execution: Automatically notify the administrator of falsification, unauthorized content, and so on, and perform mitigation.

Strength 1 of RiskIQ. Internet Data Captured At Scale

By crawling the Internet using global proxies and proprietary data capture technology (virtual user technology) that realistically imitates actual user behavior, RiskIQ discovers and monitors all company digital assets including web properties, mobile apps, and employee or and company social media profiles. RiskIQ uncovers the status of the company IT assets and generates a digital footprint of the assets, so information can be collected, visualized, and actioned.

Strength 2 of RiskIQ. Detection of external threats (phishing, unauthorized apps, malware, fake domains and fake executive social media profiles)

Detects threats that could result in a massive data breach or financial damage to the company, such as fake apps, websites, or accounts used to deceive the company. For example, as of April 2016, RiskIQ monitors more than 300 mobile app stores and 15 million apps (current as of April 2016) to detect unauthorized apps and delete them in accordance with company policy.

Strength 3 of RiskIQ. Relevant Datasets - Accumulated intelligence

The proprietary technology can accumulate a vast amount of information and perform analysis of diversified threats. RiskIQ data includes extremely insightful datasets, including Passive DNS, WhoIS, and mobile app datasets from the entire Internet. RiskIQ collects over 1 TB of Internet data daily.

RiskIQ External Threat Management dashboard screen

  • Can search all assets of the company, including known, unknown and rogue assets
  • Each time a new website comes online, RiskIQ discovers the websites with security hygiene or infrastructure issues such as policy violations, invalid SSL certificates, or unsanctioned use of server/framework with vulnerabilities.
  • From continuous monitoring, issue alert notifications for active threats and compliance violations

Will participate in the Japan IT Week Spring 2016/13th Information Security Expo

Macnica Networks will exhibit "Measures against advanced cyber attacks", introducing new next generation security solutions, RiskIQ, in the exhibition booth.

  • Schedule: May 11 (Wed) to May 13 (Fri), 2016
  • Location: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 5, Booth No. 43-34

Private seminar hosted by Macnica Networks

Title: "How will you protect your brand from external threats online? The latest measures against phishing and fake mobile apps"

Date and time: 14 June (Tue), from 15:00
Location: Shinjuku
URL for details:

Overview of RiskIQ, Inc.

RiskIQ is a cybersecurity company that helps the world’s largest organizations discover and protect their external facing known, unknown and 3rd party web, mobile and social digital assets. The company’s External Threat Management platform combines a worldwide proxy network with synthetic clients that emulate users to monitor, detect and take down malicious and copycat apps, drive by malware and malvertisements. RiskIQ is used by leading Japanese financial institutions and other companies to protect their web assets and users from external security threats and fraud. Headquartered in San Francisco, RiskIQ is backed by growth equity firms Summit Partners and Battery Ventures.

Company name RiskIQ, Inc.
Established 2009
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Representative CEO Elias (Lou) Manousos

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