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June 18, 2020
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica solutions, in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks, Inc.,strengthen cloud-native security business.

- Accelerating Secure DevOps Practices for Enterprises by Protecting Container and Serverless Environments with Prisma Cloud -

Macnica Solutions, Inc., (Headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan; President & CEO: Yoshihide Hatakeyama; hereinafter "Macnica Solutions"), a provider of security, networking and DX support for corporate IT systems from implementation to operation, announced today that it had signed an agreement with Palo Alto Networks Inc.

(Headquarters: Santa Clara, USA; CEO: Nikesh Arora; hereinafter "Palo Alto Networks") to provide security solutions in the cloud-native domain. The collaboration will provide the advanced security capabilities of Palo Alto Networks' cloud-native security product, Prisma Cloud, based on Macnica Solutions' in-depth knowledge of cloud-native technology and software development.

Background to why Cloud-Native Technology is focusing on and the challenges surrounding security

The digitalization of all products and services has progressed rapidly in recent years. And the new coronavirus further accelerates this momentum. With the digitalization trend, development software has become vital as it is directly related to competitiveness between companies. To deliver the value of software to customers faster, more frequently, and stably, implementation of cloud-native technologies such as containers*1 and DevOps methodologies*3 have been attracting a lot of attention.

These technologies are utilized after implementing appropriate security measures. Still, because their characteristics and concepts are very different from those of conventional on-premises systems, existing security products cannot adequately visualize and protect them. There is also a concern that security measures will significantly compromise the speed required for DevOps.

Details of the offering services between Palo Alto Networks and Macnica Solutions

The partnership with Palo Alto Networks will able Macnica Solutions to provide Prisma Cloud to help enterprises leverage secure cloud-native technologies and implement DevOps. Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive protection solution for cloud-native environments launched by Palo Alto Networks in 2019. The Prisma Cloud solution development and release was made possible through its acquisition of Twistlock, and PureSec. Macnica Networks Group, including Macnica Solutions Inc., has been deploying Twistlock domestically since 2018.The Macnica Networks Group will be able to link its globally acclaimed DevOps-related solutions, such as GitHub, CircleCI, and JFrog, with Prisma Cloud to comprehensively support enterprises in leveraging cloud-native technology and securely implementing DevOps.

Comments from Hiroshi Alley, Chairman, and President, Palo Alto Networks KK:
“Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud is a cloud-native security platform that provides the industry's most extensive security and compliance monitoring across the development lifecycle and multi-hybrid cloud environments. We are very pleased with this collaboration and look forward to working together to enhance the security of cloud-native environments for Japanese companies, which will be driven by the impacts of COVID-19.”

Through this collaboration, the Macnica Networks Group, including Macnica Solutions, will accelerate the digital transformation of Japanese companies by improving their software development capabilities.

Features of Prisma Cloud

  • Security functions for container/serverless environments

Comprehensive visualization, security and compliance monitoring for the BUILD→SHIP→RUN container lifecycle, and enabling shift-left, a security testing method in the early stages of software development.

It also enables visualization, security, and compliance monitoring of applications running in serverless environments such as AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda.

  • Security for public cloud environments

Provides visibility, security, and compliance monitoring across multiple public cloud environments and enables continuous assessment of risk across cloud environments.

Detects vulnerabilities in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates to mitigate the risk of public cloud infrastructure before deployment.

*1 A technology to virtualize the execution environment of an application, such as Docker. Compared to conventional virtual machines, it consumes fewer resources and starts up faster.

*2 A generic term for conventional technologies (containers, etc.) used to provide organizations with the ability to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds.

*3 A generic term to continuously improve processes. Through close cooperation between developers (Dev) and operations (Ops) to ensure that software’s value continues to be delivered to users quickly and reliably.

Palo Alto Networks Company Outline

Company Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
Founded 2005
Address 3000 Tannery Way Santa Clara, CA 95054
CEO Nikesh Arora

*The names of companies and products mentioned in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

*Palo Alto Networks and the Palo Alto Networks logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Palo Alto Networks in the United States and other countries.