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August 9, 2011
Macnica Solutions Corp.

Macnica Networks Signs Distribution Agreement with Infoblox
Appliances for DNSSEC, DNS with IPv6 support, DHCP

Macnica Networks Corp. (Corporate Office: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama;President: Masahiro Miyabukuro; hereafter, “Macnica Networks”), the leading value-addeddistributor of innovative network devices and software products,announces a Japandistributorship agreement with US corporation Infoblox, Inc. (headquarters in Santa Clara,California; CEO: Robert Thomas), market leader in core network infrastructure control solutionswith IPv6 support.

Product name Infoblox Network Service Appliances
Price From¥755,000 (excl. tax)
Availability Scheduled for September 1, 2011

Currently in 2011, IPv4 addresses are almost exhausted, and there are reports of attacks andvulnerabilities on DNS, one of the core Internet services. As the use of cloud services continuesto increase, the growing importance of Internet-based applications and data distribution is clear.In these conditions, a failure of DNS or DHCP service can directly bring an entire system to ahalt. Furthermore, with the move to IPv6, an assurance of DNS security is a crucial element of astable and safe IT infrastructure for a business.
Infoblox network service appliances provide the functions essential for core network services,including domain name resolution (DNS/DNSSEC), and assignment and management of IPaddresses with IPv6 support (DHCP and IPAM). Compared with typical DNS and DHCPservices implementation, they provide flexibility for future increased network traffic, withredundancy, manageability, and outstanding performance.
Infoblox Grid™ technology provides more than mere physical duplication for redundancy inthese services; it allows distributed installation, and maximizes possibilities by offering disasterrecovery for core network services. Grid appliances can simply be added as required to expandnetwork capacity as the business grows.
As primary distributor for Infoblox, Macnica Networks will be proactively offering these products.

Solutions provided by Infoblox network service appliances

The dedicated system software does not require the frequent application of security patches, and eases the use of DNSSEC with its complicated settings and management.

Redundancy is provided by support for VRRP. The Grid technology enables the unifiedoperation and management of appliances distributed over multiple locations, and providescore network redundancy in the event of a disaster.

With Infoblox Grid technology, adding a member server is all that is needed to expand service to new nodes or for increased traffic.

About Infoblox

Infoblox is a market leader in core network infrastructure control solutions with IPv6 support.Using its unique Infoblox Grid™ technology, distribution technology for real-time data, Infobloxnot only expands network possibilities and improves manageability, but also automates awaytime-consuming manual operations in network infrastructure management, including domainname resolution (DNS), IP address assignment and management (IPAM and DHCP), networkchange and configuration management (NCCM), and network discovery. Infoblox solutions arein use in more than 4,750 companies and organizations world-wide, and customers include overhalf of the Fortune 500 companies. Infoblox has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and apresence in over thirty countries.

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