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November 8, 2018
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks enters into distributorship agreement with, provider of the Driverless AI automatic machine learning platform

- Automating and accelerating model-building operations in machine learning to promote the use of AI in business -

We are pleased to announce that Macnica Networks Corp., which provides network devices and security solutions (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks") and the US company (head office: 2307 Leghorn Street, Mountain View, California, 94043 US; CEO & Co-Founder: SriSatish Ambati) have concluded a distributorship agreement in Japan.

Product name
Driverless AI
Form of product provision
Yearly subscription license
Date of distribution start
November 8, 2018

Many companies and organizations are now seriously engaging in the utilization of big data and the adoption of AI into their businesses. Machine learning, which is receiving particular attention for its applications in business settings, is producing major results in various areas such as sales forecasting, prediction of customer churn and prediction of production facility fault, and its scope of application is rapidly expanding. The roles of data scientists and other highly skilled experts are said to be essential to achieving the implementation of AI into business. However, the reality is that most companies find it hard to secure the data science personnel so essential to the field of AI. The shortage of data science personnel has become a major problem, as it impedes the utilization of AI technology for resolving the business issues of companies and organizations.

To solve this problem and help the use of AI in business, Macnica Networks recently entered a primary distributor agreement with, and will begin offering's Driverless AI platform.
Based on the various data within a company's possession, Driverless AI automates and accelerates the model-building operations normally carried out by data scientists as part of machine learning. This removes the need for high-level data science skills and enables the automatic generation of advanced models equal in level to those produced by the world's top data scientists.
Incorporating the knowledge and experience of some of the world's top data scientists into the software, Driverless AI enables rapid generation of highly accurate models through GPU-accelerated computing and automation of the feature engineering that influences a model's accuracy.
Also, with regard to machine learning interpretability (MLI; the capability of visualizing the reasons behind a model's decisions) and considering applications in business settings, visualizing the factors that have influence a prediction result helps to ensure accountability to stakeholders both inside and outside a company. In addition to these benefits, Macnica Networks is continually adding new functions to address the business issues faced by clients, such as the handling of time-series data and natural language processing (NLP).

As's primary distributor, Macnica Networks will actively work to expand the market for Driverless AI in Japan. By providing the state-of-the-art technology and knowledge of, we are contributing to the resolution of business issues through use of AI and are working to help increase the global competitiveness of our clients.

Remarks from CEO and Founder Srisatish Ambati:

"At we are focused on putting AI into the hands of as many companies and organizations as possible to positively impact outcomes. As we build our global ecosystem of partners, we look forward to working with Macnica Networks to drive the expanded adoption of AI and machine learning in Japan with H2O Driverless AI."

[Functions of Driverless AI]

  • Automatic visualization of data
  • Automatic feature engineering
  • Machine learning interpretability (MLI; visualization of the reasons behind a model’s decisions)
  • Automatic documentation (generation of model result reports)
  • Automatic scoring pipelines (generation of execution modules for Python and Java environments)
  • Time-series data management

[Features of Driverless AI]

  • Incorporation of AI knowledge and expertise from top data scientists into the software
  • Accelerated model-building through use of GPU
  • Active user community

Solution Overview

Screen Sample Company Outline is a market leader in open-source AI platforms. Its open-source software is used by several hundred thousand data scientists in over 14,000 organizations around the world, including approximately half of the Fortune 500 companies. Utilizing the vast amount of feedback and knowledge on machine learning obtained from this active open-source community, is rapidly advancing the development of Driverless AI. also employs 5 Kaggle Grand Masters*, of which there are only 122 in the entire world. By incorporating the knowledge and expertise of these Kaggle Grand Masters into its software, the company is achieving the automation of rapid, highly accurate machine learning process flow.

Company name, Inc
Established 2012
Location of headquarters Mountain View, California, US
Representative SriSatish Ambati

*The company names and product names used herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective company.