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January 29, 2019
Macnica Networks Corp.

Macnica Networks Enters Into a Distributorship Agreement with ExtraHop, Provider of Enterprise Performance Analytics Supporting Digital Transformation of Businesses

- Achieving integrated performance of service quality through analysis of a broad range of over 50 protocols as deep as L7 -

We are pleased to announce that Macnica Networks Corp., which provides network devices and security solutions (headquarters: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan; President: Jun Ikeda; hereinafter "Macnica Networks") and the US company ExtraHop Networks, Inc. (headquarters: Washington, US; CEO: Arif Kareem; hereinafter "ExtraHop") have established a distributorship agreement in Japan.

Product name
ExtraHop Performance Platform
The form of product provision
Physical and virtual appliances and annual subscription license
Date of distribution start
January 29, 2019

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses in various industries have undertaken digital transformation in efforts to promote digital marketing, and digital services are becoming widespread in areas directly connected with daily life, such as EC sites, online banking, and Web media. It is predicted that there will be even greater opportunities to experience digital transformation firsthand in the future. Going forward, those businesses that, by utilizing digital technology, can provide distinctly new value in comparison to conventional practices are expected to gain increased competitive strength, while, in contrast, those businesses that are slow to adopt digital technology are highly likely to experience a significant loss of opportunity. In this way, the importance of success in digital marketing is expected to increase further still, as a proposition on which the very survival of companies may depend.

The ExtraHop Performance Platform that Macnica Networks now offers is a breakthrough approach that utilizes enterprise performance and cyber analytics on all network interactions and applies advanced machine learning for complete visibility, real-time detection, and guided investigation.

With this approach, ExtraHop helps the world’s leading enterprises rise above network blind spots, organizational silos, and runaway technology. Whether ensuring delivery of critical applications or securing investment in the cloud, a business will be able to accomplish real-time analysis of network traffic and perform detailed studies through packet-unit drill-down, all with just a single click. ExtraHop enables smooth and integrated analysis of complex digital service infrastructures comprising various systems.
The most significant features of this solution are its broad range and depth of analysis. In recent years, service providers have been offering a series of digital services with infrastructures based on complex interlocking systems such as DNS/authentication/Web/applications/databases, etc. This solution provides broad coverage of over 50 protocols, enabling integrated analysis of almost all protocols used in digital service infrastructures. And because analyses can be performed not only at the network layer (L2-L4) but also at the application layer (L5-L7), including public cloud environments (AWS, Microsoft Azure), it enables deep visualization and analysis of payload data and detailed visualization and analysis of packet units.

By this, the ExtraHop solution can measure the performance of various systems, from infrastructure, including the public cloud environment that supports digital business, to individual applications, and enables the continuous delivery of digital services with high quality of experience for users to acquire new customers. And can prevent the loss of existing customers, which is one of the most critical elements in the success of digital business. It also enables mechanisms to be put in place to deliver a system alert in the event of a system failure, before the problem can lead to user complaints, and to identify the cause and implement measures for system recovery quickly.

As a strategic distributor for ExtraHop, Macnica Networks will expand the service platform visualization/analysis solution in Japan. By providing ExtraHop's cutting-edge technology and know-how to Japanese businesses, Macnica Networks will not only support clients in their efforts to deliver top-quality digital services but will also carry out activities to aid in strengthening the competitiveness of clients through digital transformation.

Remarks from ExtraHop Networks, Inc. VP of channel sales Mark Fitzmaurice,
We chose to partner with Macnica to help us bring Japanese enterprises our unique network and application analytics for IT performance. The team at Macnica have extensive experience in bringing breakthrough technologies to market, and we're proud to be working together to bring ExtraHop to customers looking to rise above network blind spots, organizational silos, and runaway technology.

The ExtraHop solution provides

  • Comprehensive analysis of entire systems such as DNS/authentication/Web/applications/databases and public cloud environments (AWS, Microsoft), etc.
  • Proactive failure detection and detection of events that are indicative of failure
  • Automatic detection of abnormal traffic behavior using a machine learning engine
  • Immediate isolation of network failures and server/application failures when any system failures occur
  • Analysis of system status on the public cloud

Image of ExtraHop solution in operation

Dashboard samples

  • Web service providers: Visualization of the service quality of each website
  • Online gaming companies: Visualization of the service quality of online games

ExtraHop: Company Outline

ExtraHop provides enterprise cyber analytics that delivers performance from the inside of the network out.
The uses for this are not limited only to continuous monitoring of service quality and quick troubleshooting, but also extend to security threat investigation, business intelligence tools, and a broad range of other possibilities.

Company name ExtraHop Networks, Inc.
Established 2007
Location of headquarters Seattle, Washington, US
Representative Arif Kareem

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